1. What is Global Click?

Global Click: A Digital Networking & Tokenization Vanguard.

At its core, Global Click is a progressive digital platform tailored for forward-thinking professionals and businesses. It represents the intersection of efficient networking and the revolutionary world of digital tokenization. Designed to foster meaningful connections and collaborations, Global Click offers its members a unique opportunity to not only expand their professional horizons but also to tap into the burgeoning world of digital assets.

Alongside its robust networking suite, Global Click introduces a pioneering affiliate program. Members are empowered to leverage their network and engagement, promoting the platform and its myriad offerings. As they champion Global Click, they stand to benefit from potential financial rewards, underscored by the platform's tokenized structure.

With the integration of tokenization, members have the added advantage of participating in the dynamic world of digital tokens. This not only enhances the value proposition for members but also positions Global Click at the forefront of modern digital transformations.

For professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses aiming to bridge the gap between traditional networking and the digital asset ecosystem, Global Click stands as the paragon, ushering in a new era of connectivity and opportunity.

2. What are the benefits of joining Global Click?

  1. Verified and Authentic Community: Unlike mere professional directories or generalized social media networks, Global Click ensures all its members undergo a stringent KYC validation process. This assurance builds a trustworthy environment where members foster long-term, meaningful relationships, sharing invaluable insights, leads, and business opportunities.
  2. Global Business Expansion: Break geographical barriers with Global Click. Whether targeting local markets or venturing internationally, the platform provides a conducive space to navigate and conquer new territories.
  3. Smart Client Acquisition: Utilizing our intuitive interface, members can identify and engage with potential clients, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize outreach efforts.
  4. Boundless Opportunities: Access thousands of business opportunities worldwide, ensuring you're always in tune with the global marketplace's pulse.
  5. Growth through Trusted Networks: Establish and nurture your business roots within reliable and validated communities, ensuring consistent and dependable business growth.
  6. Continuous Industry Insights: Stay abreast of evolving business trends, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve in areas that resonate with your professional interests.
  7. Enhanced Digital Presence: Augment your online footprint on the World Wide Web, strategically crafting and solidifying your personal and business brand.
  8. Peer-to-Peer Learning: Engage in interactive sessions, webinars, and discussions, extracting knowledge and skills from peers who resonate with your interests and business vision.
  9. Targeted Business Promotion: Position your business and its offerings to a hyper-targeted audience—the decision-makers, global business owners, and visionaries—ensuring maximum ROI on your outreach endeavors.
  10. Unlock Sales Opportunities: With Global Click, you're not just networking. You're strategically placing yourself in the crosshairs of decision-makers, unlocking untapped sales channels and potential collaborations.
  11. Tokenization and Digital Assets: Integrate yourself with the future of transactions and investments, leveraging the platform's unique tokenization feature.
  12. Financial Growth: With mechanisms like affiliate programs and token incentives, members have avenues to not only network but also amplify their revenue streams.
  13. Advanced Business Tools: Equip yourself with state-of-the-art tools tailored to enhance online visibility, manage connections more efficiently, and streamline business operations.
  14. Community and Support: Immerse yourself in a supportive ecosystem, extracting collective wisdom and experience from a vibrant and dynamic member base.

3. Who's the Perfect Fit for Global Click?

  1. Entrepreneurs and Startups: If you're at the helm of a budding venture or are scaling up an innovative idea, Global Click offers the perfect arena for networking, partnerships, and business growth.
  2. Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Business owners can tap into a vast pool of opportunities, client leads, and potential collaborations.
  3. Professionals: From freelancers to consultants, any professional looking to expand their clientele, seek new opportunities, or simply network within their industry will find Global Click invaluable.
  4. Industry Experts: Thought leaders and experts across various domains can leverage the platform to share insights, offer consultations, and foster knowledge growth.
  5. Investors and Venture Capitalists: If you're on the lookout for promising ventures, startups, or innovative ideas to invest in, Global Click acts as a hotspot of opportunities.
  6. Corporates and Multinationals: Organizations aiming to discover new partnerships, tap into industry trends, or even scout talent can benefit immensely.
  7. Students and Graduates: Those on the brink of their professional journeys can learn from industry experts, seek mentorships, and understand market trends, giving them a head start in their careers.
  8. Trade Bodies and Industry Associations: Such entities can engage with members, organize events, and promote industry best practices.
  9. Non-Profit Organizations: NGOs and other charitable bodies can network, seek support, and collaborate with entities sharing a common vision.
  10. Digital Nomads: Given the global nature of Global Click, it's a haven for those who work remotely and are always on the move, seeking diverse opportunities across borders.
  11. Affiliate Marketers: With a rewarding referral system in place, those skilled in affiliate marketing can harness the platform for significant earnings.
  12. Anyone Interested in Tokenization: As Global Click integrates a unique tokenization feature, anyone interested in the future of digital assets and investments can join to learn, invest, and grow.

In essence, Global Click is designed for anyone and everyone keen on leveraging a global platform for professional growth, networking, and business success. If you're motivated and see the world as a marketplace of endless opportunities, Global Click awaits you.

4. How much does it cost to join Global Click?

Joining Global Click involves an annual membership fee of US$120.00, which is due for renewal on its anniversary each year. Please note that this fee can be broken down monthly for ease of payment.

As we are committed to continuously enhancing the platform's offerings, the membership fee may be revised in the future. Any potential changes will align with the expansion of our member base, as well as the introduction of new services, features, and benefits. We always strive to ensure that the value provided to our members exceeds the membership cost. Joining Global Click represents an investment in your professional growth and networking opportunities.

5. How Can I Pay My Joining Fee?

For your convenience, we currently offer two payment methods:

  1. Cryptocurrency Payment:

    We leverage a trusted crypto exchange/payment gateway for processing your registration fee. As with standard cryptocurrency procedures, we require blockchain network confirmations to verify your payment. Upon successful confirmation, our system will automatically create your account and dispatch a Welcome Email containing your login credentials. The duration for this process can vary from 30 minutes to a few hours, based on the blockchain network traffic, which is beyond our control.

    It's imperative to send the exact cryptocurrency amount shown on the payment page within the provided timeframe. This ensures prompt processing and avoids potential "time out" delays. Please note: If you haven't received a Welcome email, your registration remains in a pending state, preventing login access.

  2. Enrolment Pass

    Recognizing that many individuals may have limited familiarity or access to cryptocurrency, we've introduced the Enrolment Pass option.

    Think of the Enrolment Pass as a prepaid gift card for our services. On entering a valid Enrolment Pass during registration, the process concludes instantly. Subsequently, you will receive a Welcome email equipped with your login details.

    Should you encounter any issues or have further queries regarding payment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

6. How Can I Profit with Global Click?

Beyond the tangible business opportunities and valuable referrals that you garner on a daily basis, Global Click offers multiple revenue streams tailored to optimize the earning potential of its members. Here are the three primary avenues through which you can boost your income:

CLICK Tokens: Exclusively accessible during our Pre-issuance (airdrop) phases, these tokens present a unique income opportunity for early adopters.

Affiliate Program: This robust system allows you to earn money by promoting and expanding the Global Click community. Every successful referral adds to your earnings, enhancing the compound effect of your efforts.

Incentive Scheme: Designed to reward active and engaged members, our incentives ensure that your contributions to the platform are recognized and remunerated appropriately.

7. What is the CLICK Token?

A Digital Asset with Immense Potential

Within the vast expanse of the Global Click ecosystem, the CLICK token emerges as a pivotal digital asset, meticulously designed to intertwine both function and future potential:

Dual Functionality: At its core, CLICK is not merely a digital token—it's the lifeblood of the Global Click platform. Serving as a vital medium of exchange, it facilitates a myriad of transactions on our platform. Moreover, its design ensures it holds value, making it not just a medium of exchange but also a store of value for its holders.

Anticipated Appreciation: As the CLICK token edges towards public trading, early adopters and investors could potentially witness a windfall, turning their strategic foresight into significant financial gains. The public trading aspect amplifies the token's intrinsic value, making it a promising asset for the future.

Versatile Utility: The CLICK isn't just a static digital asset. It's a key to unlock a multitude of offerings on the Global Click platform. Whether you're trading it for products, and services, or leveraging its potential for other strategic purposes, CLICK ensures its holders always have avenues to maximize its utility.

Platform-wide Recognition: Within Global Click, the CLICK token reigns supreme. It's our digital gold standard, universally recognized and accepted, ensuring that every transaction, every trade, and every interaction on the platform can be facilitated seamlessly using this singular digital currency.

By aligning yourself with the CLICK token, you're not just adopting a digital asset; you're embracing an instrument with the potential to reshape your digital interactions and financial future.

For an in-depth understanding of the CLICK token and its multifaceted advantages, click here

8. The Member Engagement Incentive: Driving Value Through Active Participation

At Global Click, we understand that a platform's true value is intrinsically linked to the quality of its member interactions. Every meaningful engagement not only strengthens the community spirit but also directly contributes to enhancing the platform's overall worth. This, in turn, has a cascading positive impact on the value of the CLICK token.

Here's how it works:

Activity Points: As members engage within our ecosystem, we award them Activity Points, symbolizing their contributions to Global Click's vibrancy and growth.

Eligibility: To begin your journey of accumulating Activity Points, attaining a 'Verified' status is pivotal. This strategy ensures that our ecosystem thrives with genuine, purpose-driven individuals, upholding the authenticity and quality of interactions.

Engagement Metrics: These points aren't merely numerical tokens; they're reflections of your meaningful interactions on the platform. The various avenues to earn points include:

No. Activity Activity Points
1 New Member Greeting 10 per greeting
2 Timeline posting
  • Your post must have a min 200 characters.
100 per day (GMT)
3 Completeness of Profile
  • Upload Profile Photo
  • Profile Verification
  • Upload related Photos to your business or opportunity - max 12
50 per photo
  • Description of your Business (min 800 characters)
  • Expression of your Purpose and Intention (min 800 characters)
4 Likes on Profile
  • Activity Points earned will be deducted if Unlike
10 per Likes
5 Tag as Favourite
  • Activity Points earned will be deducted if removed as a Favourite
10 per Tag
6 View Featured Profile
  • Based on allocated budget by the booster and availability
50 per Profile
7 Timeline Inappropriate Posting
  • Paid to the first responder after investigation by the Company
50 per report
8 Pay per Click
  • Based on allocated budget by the advertiser and availability
50 per Click

The more you engage, the more points you gather. It's our way of saying 'Thank You' for being an integral part of the Global Click family and for aiding in its continuous growth and vibrancy.

As the platform evolves, we'll continue to refine and expand our incentive program, ensuring our members always have new and exciting ways to engage and be rewarded. Stay active, stay engaged, and watch your Activity Points grow!

Unlocking the Potential of Your Activity Points

Activity Points on Global Click aren't just numerical tallies; you can convert your Activity Points directly into CLICK tokens. This not only provides a tangible value to your engagement but also allows you to become an early holder of CLICK tokens, amplifying your potential gains as the token grows in value.

Activity Points CLICK Token
1000 1

9. Why do I need to create and complete my Profile?

The Significance of a Complete Profile on Global Click.

Consider your Global Click Profile as your digital business card – it's the first impression you offer to potential collaborators, peers, or clients. Crafting a robust and comprehensive profile isn't just about showcasing your achievements; it's about positioning yourself for success in our vibrant community. Here's why completing your Profile is crucial:

Personal Branding: In today's digital age, personal branding is paramount. Your Profile serves as a reflection of your professional journey, aspirations, and expertise. By meticulously detailing your background, skills, and experiences, you present a compelling narrative to visitors.

Boosting Connections: An informative and engaging Profile acts as a magnet, drawing in professionals from your domain and even from complementary sectors. This increases the chances of meaningful interactions and collaborations.

Maximizing Opportunities: Many Global Click members actively search for professionals or businesses that align with their needs. A complete Profile ensures you rank high in such searches, opening doors to diverse opportunities, be it partnerships, projects, or other ventures.

Increasing Credibility: A well-structured Profile conveys seriousness and commitment. It lends credibility, reassuring other members that you're genuine, passionate, and invested in what you do.

Benefiting from Global Click's Ecosystem: A meticulously crafted Profile amplifies your visibility within our community. With Global Click continuously growing and evolving, being at the forefront ensures you harness the platform's full potential.

In a nutshell, your Profile is more than just a page; it's a dynamic tool, continuously working in the background to match you with the right people, opportunities, and insights. So, invest time in it, keep it updated, and watch as it paves the way for professional growth and meaningful interactions.

10. Why do I need to upload a profile photo?

The Importance of a Profile Photo on Global Click.

"Every picture tells a story." Your profile photo isn't just an image; it's a powerful tool that fosters trust, establishes credibility, and promotes engagement within the Global Click community. Here are compelling reasons why uploading a profile photo is essential:

Build Trust: A profile photo humanizes your online presence, making you more approachable. It reassures other members that behind the profile lies a real, genuine person eager to engage.

Enhance Credibility: In the digital space, trust is paramount. A professional photo signals to other members that you're serious about your endeavors and value the platform's ethos.

Boost Engagement: Profiles with photos have been shown to garner more views, connections, and interactions. It's a simple step with significant rewards in terms of networking opportunities.

Uphold Professionalism: Just as you'd dress appropriately for a business meeting, your profile photo should reflect professionalism. Avoid casual or social settings. Opt for a clear, well-lit, professional headshot that best represents you in a business context.

Strengthen Digital Presence: In a vast online community, standing out becomes pivotal. A striking profile photo amplifies your visibility, ensuring you leave a memorable imprint in the minds of viewers.

To summarize, your profile photo is your digital handshake, the first step in forging meaningful connections on Global Click. Ensure it accurately captures your professional essence and complements the narrative you wish to portray.

11. Why does my Profile photo show “Pending Approval” after I have uploaded it?

Upon uploading your profile photo on Global Click, you may notice a "Pending Approval" status. Here's why:

At Global Click, we prioritize the safety, authenticity, and integrity of content on our platform. Every photo, profile, and product submission undergo a meticulous review process by our Administrative team. This diligence ensures the content aligns with our platform's standards, mitigating risks of fraud, malicious misrepresentation, or inappropriate uploads.

Typically, the review process spans between 24 to 48 hours. Post-review, once the content aligns with our guidelines, the "Pending Approval" status is lifted.

12. Can I edit my Profile?

Upon registration, it's essential to provide accurate personal details. While certain aspects of your profile are flexible, others are more rigid to maintain integrity and consistency on our platform.

What You Can Edit:

- Phone Number
- Mailing Address

What You Cannot Edit Directly:

- Username
- Full Name
- Country

Should you need to make changes to your name or country, administrative intervention will be required. Such edits come with a fee of US$2. Before initiating this request, please ensure you have the necessary amount in your e-wallet to facilitate the change. This measure is in place to maintain the integrity of our user data and to account for the manual intervention required for such updates.

13. How to get Verified?

Steps to Achieve 'Verified' Status on Global Click

Achieving a "Verified" status on Global Click is a testament to your authenticity and helps foster trust within our community. To become verified:

  1. Profile Completion:

    Ensure all sections of your profile are duly filled out and up-to-date.
    Upload a clear profile photo that adheres to our guidelines.

  2. KYC (Know Your Customer) Validation:

    For individuals: Submit scanned copies of your International Passport or National ID Card, along with a recent utility bill.
    For Enterprise and Corporate entities: Provide scanned copies of Business Registration documents or Articles of Incorporation.

Being designated as "Verified" indicates that Global Click has validated your credentials using the official documents you submitted. This not only reinforces your legitimacy within the platform but also enhances mutual trust, confidence, and transparency among the Global Click community members.

14. What is a Dashboard?

The Dashboard in Global Click serves as your digital command center. It's an intuitive, real-time user interface designed to give you a comprehensive overview of all the core features, tools, and functionalities available on our platform. Presented in a visually appealing and streamlined layout, the Dashboard offers:

Snapshot of Key Metrics: Instantly see important data like your current balance, referral counts, and recent activity.

Access to Core Features: Easily navigate to different sections of Global Click, from your profile and messages to the affiliate program and more.

Alerts & Notifications: Stay updated with any new announcements, updates, or personal notifications.

Quick Actions: Swift links to frequent tasks like adding a new connection, updating your profile, or viewing your earnings.

With everything laid out on a single page, the Dashboard simplifies your Global Click experience, ensuring that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

15. What is Timeline?

The Timeline on Global Click functions similarly to familiar social media walls, like that of Facebook. It's a communal space within profiles or pages where members can share their thoughts, insights, business opportunities, or even constructive criticisms. Additionally, members can:

Share Visual Content: Post photos or embed YouTube videos to make their updates more engaging.

Engage with the Community: Respond to posts, like, and interact with other members' content.

However, we uphold a strict code of conduct on our platform:

Maintaining Decorum: We don't entertain posts containing profanity, obscenity, or any racial insinuations. Such posts undermine the positive atmosphere we aim to cultivate.

Zero Tolerance Policy: Members found sharing inappropriate content risk having their posts removed. Continued violations can lead to membership termination, whereupon all Wallet balances will be forfeited.

In line with promoting a healthy digital environment, we incentivize our members:

Report & Reward: Members can earn Activity Points by reporting any inappropriate content they come across. If you spot such content, take a screenshot, and forward it to fraud@globalclick.online. Your vigilance helps maintain the quality of our community.

16. What is “Rating”?

At Global Click, the "Rating" serves as a testament to your credibility and rapport within the community. It's an aggregate reflection of how fellow members perceive their past interactions and engagements with you. Here's why ratings are pivotal:

Boosted Engagements: High ratings can enhance your visibility and engagements within the community. This is because a strong rating indicates a positive track record of interactions, thereby attracting more members to connect with you.

Trust & Loyalty: A high rating symbolizes trust. When members see that others have had favorable experiences with you, it fosters a sense of reliability. This not only solidifies existing professional relationships but also paves the way for new ones.

Increased Opportunities: Just as consumers often lean towards products with better reviews, members are inclined to engage with highly rated peers. This means that a strong rating can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, or business ventures.

In essence, your rating is more than just a number. It's a reflection of your reputation within Global Click, influencing trust, interactions, and potential business growth.

17. What is a Premium Banner?

Spotlight Your Brand with Premium Banners

At Global Click, we offer distinctive advertising spots designed to amplify your visibility and magnify your message. Our Premium Banners are strategically placed to catch the eye of the Global Click community, offering an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your business, products, services, or brand.

Our Premium Banners come in three distinct formats to cater to your advertising needs:

Leaderboard: A prominently positioned banner ideal for grabbing immediate attention.
Skyscraper: A vertically oriented banner, designed for sustained visibility as users navigate the platform.
In-post: Seamlessly integrated within content, offering contextual relevance.

To view our competitive rates and check the availability schedule, please visit: https://www.globalclick.online/ads_rate.php. Whether you aim to introduce a new offering or reinforce your brand's presence, our Premium Banners are tailored to make an impact.

18. What are Sponsored Advertisements?

Sponsored Advertisements represent a unique opportunity for businesses aiming to engage directly with the active Global Click community. Tailored for optimal impact, these ads are strategically positioned to offer heightened visibility and ensure your message resonates with our members.

As a commitment to creating value for both our members and advertisers, we serve these online ads seamlessly within our platform experience. If you're having difficulties viewing them, it might be due to an active ad blocker. We recommend disabling it for an unobstructed view. Once done, give your browser a quick refresh.

For detailed information regarding advertisement rates, publication specifics, and deadlines, please reach out to us at: customercare@globalclick.online. Dive into the world of Sponsored Advertisements and let Global Click be the bridge connecting your business to its desired audience.

19. What is a New Member Greeting?

At the heart of Global Click is our commitment to fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among members. We believe that building a tightly knit, proactive community is key to amplifying individual and collective success.

To facilitate this, we introduce the "New Member Greeting" feature. It's a dedicated space where you can extend a warm welcome and a brief self-introduction to members who've recently achieved "Verified" status. Think of it as your first step in forging potential connections and collaborations.

As a token of our appreciation for fostering camaraderie, each greeting you send to a new Verified member will earn you Activity Points.

However, there's a catch to keeping things fresh and engaging: Each newly Verified member's profile will be accessible in your "New Member Greeting" section for a limited period of seven (7) days. Once this period lapses, their profile will be removed, and the opportunity to earn Activity Points through this feature for that particular member will cease.

So, don't miss out. Make the most of this feature and start building bridges with your fellow members!

20. What is Profile and Advertisement boosting?

Maximizing your visibility on Global Click is paramount, and "boosting" serves as a potent tool for this very purpose. By enhancing your Profile or Advertisement through boosting, you're essentially amplifying its reach, ensuring it catches the attention of a broader segment of our community.

Here's how it works:

By allocating Activity Points, you can transform your standard Profile or Advertisement into a sponsored content piece, prominently displayed to a select group of targeted members. The more points you invest, the wider the reach, resulting in heightened visibility and, consequently, more business opportunities.

Tailoring your reach is key. You have the flexibility to pinpoint the exact audience you wish to target, filtering by specific locations or market segments, ensuring your content is showcased to those who'd find it most relevant.

Remember, all transactions pertaining to boosting are facilitated using Activity Points seamlessly integrating within our ecosystem. Boost, shine, and witness your growth on Global Click!

21. What is a Featured Profile?

At Global Click, enhancing visibility goes a notch higher with our "Featured Profile" offering. When a member opts for Profile boosting, their profile doesn't just gain prominence; it is specifically showcased as a "Featured Profile" in the "Reward" section for a select group of members - the targeted audience.

Being a part of this targeted audience comes with its perks. Every time you engage with and view a "Featured Profile", you're rewarded with Activity Points, enriching your Global Click experience while simultaneously exploring potential business synergies.

22. What is Pay-per-click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click (PPC) stands as a robust online advertising strategy where advertisers remunerate based on the number of clicks garnered by their ads. Instead of organically earning those clicks, this model essentially allows for them to be purchased, making it a strategic approach to gain attention to online content. At Global Click, PPC extends beyond conventional realms. Here, every time you engage with a sponsored advertisement – be it from fellow members, vendors, or suppliers – you're not just expanding your knowledge base; you're also earning Activity Points. Thus, with every click, you not only discover new offerings but also enhance your standing within the platform.

23. What is Broadcast?

The "Broadcast" feature is an integrated communication tool within the Message Center. It's designed to facilitate mass messaging, allowing you to send communications – be they greetings, promotional materials, or other pertinent messages – directly to all members within your enrolment group. This means you can effortlessly reach out to everyone in your line of sponsorship with just a single click, ensuring consistent and unified communication.

24. What is Blocked by a member?

At Global Click, we prioritize fostering a positive and respectful communication environment. However, if a member feels that they are receiving unsolicited, inappropriate, or harassing messages from another user, they have the right to "block" that individual. If you're blocked by a member due to such issues, there will be a deduction of 5,000 Activity Points from your Activity Point Wallet as a penalty.

Once blocked, any communication channels with the member who initiated the block will be unavailable to you. We urge all members to communicate responsibly and with respect to ensure a harmonious networking experience for everyone.

25. What is Marketplace?

The Global Click Marketplace serves as a dynamic platform for members to showcase, promote, and sell their products and services to our expansive community. Think of it as a bustling digital bazaar, bringing together producers, vendors, and consumers in one centralized space.

While the Marketplace acts as a facilitator for these B2B transactions, it's crucial for members to understand that all financial dealings are conducted directly between the participating members. Global Click, in its capacity, acts as a platform provider and does not intervene in individual transactions. As such, we are not accountable for any fraudulent activities. However, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform. Any member found engaging in deceptive practices will be subjected to an in-depth review, and if proven, will face termination from the platform. We encourage all members to transact responsibly and report any suspicious activities for the benefit of the broader community.

26. Forgot Password?

Misplaced your password? No worries! Simply navigate to the login page and select the “Forgot Password” option. Upon doing so, our system will automatically generate a new password for you and forward it to the email address associated with your membership. For security reasons, it's essential to understand that our support staff does not have access to individual passwords, given our encryption measures. Thus, kindly refrain from reaching out to support for password-related concerns.

27. What time zone is the system based on?

For the seamless operation and synchronization of our platform, especially when catering to a global audience, it's crucial to have a standard time reference. The Global Click system operates based on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Whether you're scheduling posts, viewing updates, or tracking any activities, they will all be timestamped according to GMT. This universal time standard ensures clarity and uniformity, preventing any potential time-related confusion for our members spread across various time zones. Always remember to adjust or convert to your local time when planning or interpreting activities on the platform.