Founder Message

For 30 years, I have traveled to every continent to build my business. The biggest challenge I faced was getting qualified leads in a new market. Particularly as I open a new country for my business.

The advent of social media has turned the corner for us, but it has not quite lived up to its potential. That is how I came up with the idea of Global Click, a Member focused business networking and referral platform that provides business opportunities for small businesses and professionals via network referrals. The platform has look-alike business tools, interfaces, and features found on Facebook, LinkedIn Premium, and an online marketplace combined. With the help of these features and applications that power business networking, members can come together to connect toward a common goal, expanding and growing one’s connections and relationships regardless of geography.

Consider; what it would mean for your business to have immediate access to countless business opportunities and experienced and passionate business people from all over the world.

Global Click’s mission is to provide a transparent, secured, and friendly platform environment for our members to create a cohesive, like-minded community that increases productivity for all involved. With a common goal – to help Members expand and grow their business and develop lasting relationships that allow them to grow personally and professionally.

Anthony Yap
CEO / Founder